Inspiration – Designer Rachael Forbes

Rachael by Ever Dundas

I have the privilege of being friends with many immensely talented and creative people, and one of these people is Rachael Forbes.

As well as being one of the loveliest people I know, she is an inspiration. She’s a hard worker, so when i’m procrastinating, just thinking about her industriousness gives me a kick up the ass. Her beautiful designs delight my senses, sending my imagination into overdrive. She is a walking work of art, always dressed flamboyantly, gliding through the streets of Edinburgh like a glittering apparition. Rachael, and her Anisoptera creation, contributed to the character of the mysterious Lizard Queen in the novel I’m writing. Her own inspirations can be found in the world of insects and amphibians, and designers such as Alexander McQueen, all of which can be found on her tumblr blog.

She recently featured in Devolution Magazine, and you can find her magical creations over at The Imaginarium Apparel.

Rachael by Ever Dundas

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