Graduation – Master of the Dark Arts

Cinn and I
weird little thank you card I made for Cinn

I graduated on Thursday, along with a handful of my fellow Creative Writing Masters creatures. I was a bit of a disaster at school, so I’m pretty chuffed I managed to get this far. Yesterday was a lovely and chaotic day, with a smattering of boredom. I was definitely losing the will to clap. The illustrious Sian Bevan kept me going with a running commentary and enthusiastic clapping with her special criteria of:
– tiny people
– anyone with a cool name
– anyone wearing shoes that kicked ass.
I got particularly clap-happy for the Alan Moore-alike, who has the best hair in the world.

There was a really nice moment when I found out I’d won a university medal that looks like one of those christmas chocolates, but is actually a lot less edible. I was prevented from getting a big head by being called “bitch”, and “swotty pants.”

I really enjoyed the speech from the honorary grad, David Eustace, an alumnus of Napier, and a fantastic photographer. He was very lovely, and down to earth.

But there was another moment that will stay with me, and made me lose all concentration. It was when the Chancellor said “Live in your own skin, not someone else’s.” I love the sentiment behind this, but my first thought was pretty gruesome, and I possibly maybe drifted off into horror story land. Either way, I reckon that’s damn good advice.

The reception up at our wonderful old campus (which has sadly been sold) was a bit mental. Swarms of people everywhere. I hate crowds, and got a bit anxious, so I grabbed two glasses of wine and ran off to the Writer’s Room, where we presented our amazing tutors with some gifts. David Bishop was especially grateful for the poetry. You could see it in his grimace.

It was lovely to have my amazing partner, Cinnamon Curtis, there. He supported me all the way through the Masters and I love him more than chocolate ice cream. My wondrous parents came along too. Dad was there for the ceremony, and we picked my mum up for the reception. She’s been quite seriously ill recently, and is slowly recovering, so I really appreciated having her there.

Just to spread out the celebrations, I’m off for dinner tonight with Cinn, mum, dad, and my wonderful sister and brother-in-law at one of the best restaurants in Edinburgh, Empires, a lovely little Turkish place – delicious food, friendly people, and great atmosphere. The rest of the weekend involves kittens and chickens, so a pretty awesome few days, really.

On a final note, getting a Masters means everyone calls me Master now, right? Right?

our amazing tutors, proudly displaying our gifts

3 thoughts on “Graduation – Master of the Dark Arts

  1. You can live in your own skin but supplement it with bits from other people, surely. That’s what an award-winning Dark Mistress does.

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