And This Is Yesterday – at Inlingua, 40 Shandwick Place, Edinburgh (open Mon-Thur 9am-8pm, Fri 9am-6pm) until 9th March 2012


The exhibition opening night for ‘This Is Yesterday’ was quite wonderful: delicious people came and went, drinks were had, photos were contemplated, six prints were bought, and postcards were sold out (but fear not! – more are on their way). Unfortunately, nothing scandalously outrageous occurred, apart from a fiendish creature trying to eat my freakishly tiny ears. Even my dad was extremely well behaved, looking all “chuffed, puffed up, and proud” according to the dazzling Rachael Forbes, and supposedly I went round “like a wee goose, chatting and smiling,” soaking up the lovely atmosphere, and saying “dahling!” a lot (ok, the last bit isn’t true, but I was one glass of sparkly away from it). A wondrous evening indeed! A big thank you to all the creatures who came along. The exhibition continues until early March, so plenty of time to pop along and get yourself a print or a postcard.


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