World Book Day

It’s World Book Day – hurray!

To celebrate, I wrote some of ‘Goblin‘, and worked out a schedule for the coming months. OK, not very exciting, but then I went to Edinburgh City of Literature’s launch of the wondrous enLIGHTen. It was a lovely warm evening, and a great atmosphere in St Andrews Square as the words of David Hume were projected onto the Melville Monument.

“Truth springs from argument amongst friends.” – David Hume



I also took some pics of the bookcases around our flat. I love being surrounded by books, and I always enjoy looking at other people’s books, so I’ve included the pics here (I wasn’t going to include the last one, as it’s a hideous ikea thing, and the books were just haphazardly piled on after we moved, but I had to – there’s E.T. in a wig on top. Couldn’t not include that), and I hope all of you will share some bookcase pics with me too. So, get snapping!



9 thoughts on “World Book Day

    1. Thanks Nicholls 🙂
      What can I say? It’s all down to Lumpy Space Princess. She’s the coolest kid in town.
      Now I’ve shown you mine – let’s see yours!

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