Delicious Art Day

I bought a limited edition print from artist Megan Chapman, and it arrived today – really pleased! I love her darker works. I’m not able to afford original art at the moment, so I’m glad she decided to make prints available. Megan makes her living as an artist, which is particularly inspirational to me (I would love to be a full-time writer/artist one day). If you like her art, and you want to help support an independent artist, please check out her etsy shop.


‘Prologue’ by Megan Chapman


The afternoon involved more art delights when Cinn and I visited the Edinburgh College of Art degree show. We went to the illustration section, where I fell in love with this wonderful artist: Guo Wei. I particularly love the ‘Mother Worms’ story. Wonderful! Unfortunately, they didn’t have any prints or postcards for sale, but I think I’ll get in touch with them.
I also really liked Laura Manson (website currently under construction).

I’ll leave you with some Raveonettes, which I think goes well with ‘Prologue’.



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