Poetry Polaroids

Poetry Polaroid map
Poetry Polaroid map of Edinburgh, displayed at Pulp Fiction in August

This is the Poetry Polaroid map at Pulp Fiction put together by the creatures over at Inky Fingers. I learned about it from the wondrous Katy Hastie, who was handing out cards with names of various places around Edinburgh, asking participants to go to that place and write their response. A fantastic idea, and the map looks amazing. Inky Fingers say they’re going to continue the project online, and I really hope they do.

This is my friend Ser’s response to Broughton Street, which I love.

Ser's Broughton Street Poetry Polaroid
Ser’s Broughton Street Poetry Polaroid

Below is my response. I spend a lot of time cycling the Union canal, but this response was actually connected with a time when I used to live somewhere nearby. I don’t write poetry, so I knew my piece would be prose, but I ended up cutting it right back to this one line, which is more than just an Ali Smith reference (and is actually more of a Manics reference). Below the photo are scored out lines from the Manics song ‘Yes’.

There But For The Poetry Polaroid
My ‘There But For The’ Poetry Polaroid

Poetry Polaroid Map - detail

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