In the Gutter, Singing Songs of Other Places

Hello Creatures! I am very pleased to have my socio-political satire Freud Is Dead in Gutter 11. Other excellent contributors include Vicki Jarrett, Lynsey May and Mike Russell.
I am also pleased to have my sci-fi body horror Wire in New Writing Scotland 32: Songs of Other Places. My story is nestled alongside brilliant writers such as Martin MacInnes, Raymond Soltysek and fellow Napier Creative Writing MA graduate Mark Harding.
I am looking forward to delving into both and discovering new voices.

You can buy NWS here and Gutter here, or you can try your local independent bookstore. If you’re in Edinburgh, you can pick both up at the wonderful Edinburgh International Book Festival.

In the meantime, here’s a couple of extracts for you:

    Freud Is Dead

“…and so I do think if the bankers do their job, they should be rewarded. If a banker brings in 5k then I don’t see anything wrong with awarding him 2k. We should be rewarding him. It’s good for our economy.”
“‘Him’? Who’s ‘him’?”
“The banker.”
“What banker?”
“Any banker. They should be rewarded for helping the economy.”
“Didn’t they hurt the economy?”
“Oh, don’t listen to the socialists dear. They’d have us handwashing sweaters every day if they could.”

Gutter 11
Gutter 11

Caram was leaning against the wall, a cigarette dangling from his lips. The Inex perched on his shoulder, its spidery limbs reaching round his neck. Like every Inex, it unnerved me. Most people cultivated the childlike appearance, exaggerating their cuteness with colourful clothes and bows, but Caram’s was always naked. Its blank eyes met my gaze, and I looked away, feeling the nausea double. I stared at Caram. His eyes were closed, face turned towards the sun. His black hair was swept back, strands stroking his jawline. Caram’s body flowed as liquid, an ichorous seduction.
The technology segment was airing. It charted the death of mobiles and the rise of the Inex, ending with a still of a child holding the hand of her Inex, overlaid with the words “IS THIS THE END OF INEX 20?”

New Writing Scotland 32
New Writing Scotland 32

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