It’s about time, it’s all about time , you’re in good time, time is money, money is time, time is precious, time is running out, it’s a waste of time, you’re wasting my time, you’re losing time, turn back time, paid for your time, clock in clock out, into time, out of time, this is your time, this isn’t your time, earn your living tick tock tick tock, time has been kind, time has been unkind, your time is valuable, your time is cheap, there will be time, there will be time, there is always time, it is timeless, you are timeless, make time, measure time, kill time, there is no time, it’s your time, it’s not your time, your time has come, you’re late, you’re early, you’re just on time, stealing time, lending time, time is nothing, time is everything, there’s no time like the present, do you have the time? What’s the time? Where’s the time gone? Time heals all wounds.

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