Ever and anatomical figure
“Our society spends a lot of time and money covering up and glossing over the fact that we are made of meat, blood and bone.”

Greetings, creatures! Since I last stopped by, the marvellous Queen’s Head have published Wire, my sci-fi body horror short story. Wire was shortlisted for the Aeon Award and originally published in New Writing Scotland 32. I’m very pleased it’s now available to read online, but if you’d like a hard copy you can place your order over at Queen’s Head by Halloween and the ace sci-fi issue will be yours!

I’m also very pleased I had the opportunity to take part in my first author Q&A. When Ryan at QH first mentioned a Q&A I assumed it would be your usual generic questions and they’d all be the same for each author, but I was tickled colon-pink when he sent through specific and very perceptive questions that I could really sink my teeth into. I talk about my inspirations, gore, pigeons, and reveal what my ideal tech enhancement would be*  – what’s yours? Let me know below!

(*I recently found out that a proto-Inex exists! I knew I could count on the Japanese)

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