News From The Goblin Realm

Greetings, Creatures! I come bearing news of events, interviews and reviews.



ScotLitFest 2017

This is the ScotLitFest weekend and they have a fantastic programme. ScotLitFest takes place online, which means I can stay in my jammies (my kinda festival). I’m going to be involved in a twitter discussion with Laura Lam, Claire McFall, and chair Sim Bajwa on Saturday 4pm-5pm, so pop by and fire some questions our way.

I’m also going to be a part of the ScotLitFest instagram takeover.


Blackwell’s Writers at the Fringe

My next event will involve me appearing in Real Life, so no jammies. I’ll be reading an extract from Goblin at Blackwell’s Writers at the Fringe on Thursday 10th August 6pm.

Edinburgh International Book Festival

You can then find me at the Edinburgh International Book Festival alongside South Korean author Hwang Sok-yong, chaired by Stuart Kelly, on Wednesday 16 August 7pm. Come join us for tales of outlaws and exiles.

I’m eligible for the First Book Award if you would like to vote for Goblin.


When I felt like my world had shrunk due to illness, lack of income, and an inaccessible disabling society, the library offered solace, hope, knowledge, and the power needed to forge ahead into a new life.

Edinburgh City of Literature are running a great library campaign. I wrote a piece about how much my local library means to me: The Place of Strange New Things.

Interviews and Reviews

It’s all story-telling. What a beautiful, psychologically real way of showing up social constructs, and illuminating both the slippery and powerful nature of words. Goblin is the most ‘real unreal’ book I’ve read. It has a beautiful truth, despite being so expressly a mermaid’s treasure trove of lies.” – writer SK Farrell wrote a review of Goblin that left me just a tiny bit stunned.

Coming up: Lisa Guidarini at Bluestalking Journal interviewed me and reviewed Goblin – this will appear in Glasgow Review of Books in August. I also had the pleasure of being interviewed by writer Eris Young for The Fountain, also to appear in August. An interview in the Midlothian Advertiser should be out in the next couple of weeks.

4 thoughts on “News From The Goblin Realm

  1. There’s nothing more delightful as when emerging writers and artists receive recognition for their talents, especially so with Ever’s delicious debut. Derek Jacobi was once asked how to advise a young person wanting to act, and response was wanting isn’t enough it has to be a driving force. Hope all your sacrifices will be rewarded. Ta. Pete

      1. Thanks for kind comments. In creating the character of G, so relaxed around sexual orientation, genderqueer/fluid status and awash with hope over hate, you’ve unleashed in your lush literary laborotory, an enduring liberating genie. On a side note hasn’t Christopher Nolan copied a tad your husband’s Goblin art for Dunkirk poster ? Artwork on Goblin far superior. Ta.Pete

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