Born Again Goblin

Saraband Goblin cover by Cinnamon Curtis

 I come bearing good news, creatures! Thanks to Jenny Brown (my agent), and publisher Saraband, Goblin will be reborn.

Goblin was originally published in May by Freight and, as many of you know, Freight ran into difficulties in April (if you don’t know about it, you can read about it here).

It’s been a strange few months trying to get by without the backing of a publisher. A number of Freight authors banded together, offering mutual support. Many are still facing uncertainty as they try to find a way forward, although we’ve received valuable guidance and advice from The Society of Authors. I’m very fortunate to have an amazing agent, Jenny Brown, who’s been supporting me every step of the way.

Rights to Goblin reverted back to me in August and a couple of weeks ago I signed with Saraband. I’m delighted Goblin has found a new home and it’s been an absolute pleasure working with everyone at Saraband to facilitate Goblin’s rebirth on 6 December.

The new cover (above) still uses Cinn’s striking illustration, but with a different typeface (Gill Sans – a nod to the Underground typeface). You’ll have to wait until the release date to see the full wraparound image.

You can read more about Goblin and Saraband here and you can pre-order the new Goblin on amazon, Hive, or your local bookstore. Here’s to the future – praise the lizards!

5 thoughts on “Born Again Goblin

  1. It is wholly just that a character as resilient as Goblin and a novel of such vision and quality should endure. Glad the splendid cover artwork is being retained. Pete.

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