Team Angry Robot

The word HellSans in huge capital letters, a sans serif black type, with Hell above the Sans. Serifs have been added in red biro along with some red blobs that look like the typeface is breaking out in sores, the red is dripping like blood

Greetings, creatures!

I come bearing good news; I’m delighted to announce I’m joining Angry Robot!

My second novel, sci-fi thriller HellSans, has been scooped up in their roboty paws and will be launched into the world in January 2023 [EDIT: publication has been brought forward to 11 Oct 2022]. You can read about it in The Bookseller.

“HellSans is fierce, fast, and fun, and shines a bright light on how society works against the marginalised.”

– Simon Spanton, Angry Robot editor

Special shout-out to Creative Scotland for funding me to write HellSans. Their support made a huge difference, as I was struggling after having to give up my part-time day job due to chronic illness.

Angry Robot logo: black on white background. letters 'A' and 'R' in large thick, rounded type, framed by an arch similar to the Metropolis robot's head/helmet (thick arching lines on either side, two 'ears', and semi-diamond shaped point at the top). Below this it says' Angry Robot' in the same capital letters rounded type, which has a hint of Art Nouveau

I’ve started work on novel 3, with a synopsis, research plan, research book shelf in place, and a few scenes scribbled, but the past year has been dominated by my work with fellow writer Julie Farrell to bring Inklusion to life.

I’m very pleased to say we reached our funding target for stage 1 and we’ll be hitting the ground running on the R&D in the new year. We also have the bulk of stage 2 pinned down, with support from some fantastic organisations. Here’s to not going back to normal!

Logo: 'Inklusion' in thick sharp type, all capitals. the letters are black apart from 'US' which are white against a round black ink splodge. There are two other ink splodges: one bottom left, and a smaller top right, slightly greyer than the centre splodge. There's two pink thick semi circles at the bottom and top, starting at the 'k' and the 'o'
Inklusion logo by Cinn Curtis

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