HellSans Launch

Five copies of HellSans showing the spine, on a cabinet with a red wall covered in various pictures including Courtney Love, Dirk Bogarde and some art. On the left of the books is a small yellow and black robot with several chunky yellow legs, giving it a spider-like feel. It has an oval face with big eyes that light up blue. On the right of the books is a Blythe doll, with a big round head, large round grey eyes, blue hair and a pink dress
HellSans with the guardians of the books, Brian and Blythe (part inspirations for the Inex)

HellSans has been unleashed! You can order it directly from Angry Robot, pick it up from all the usual major bookstores, or your local indie, including my own local Lighthouse Books.


HellSans has been getting some great reviews.

For the Scotland on Sunday, Stuart Kelly called it:

“a baptism of fire… The convergence of flesh and technology has rarely been so vivid as in this remarkable dystopian thriller”, it’s “a rollicking read, but one with serious intent.”

Review of HellSans in The Scotland on Sunday

For The Guardian, Lisa Tuttle said:

“That one person’s heaven can be another’s hell is brilliantly and graphically depicted in this novel set in a near-future Britain… This is a violent and compelling thriller, fuelled by real anger and compassion, with far more psychological and moral complexity than the general run of dystopian fiction.”

Simon Ings for The Times called it:

“A cracking read” and said that “Dundas conjures up an impressive amount of crazy.”

In The Skinny, Alistair Braidwood states:

“HellSans only confirms Dundas as a writer to treasure” and “It is a visceral and vicious novel in places – a body horror with brains. Imagine Ray Bradbury meets David Cronenberg, and it’s as thought-provoking and outrageous as that sounds. Ever Dundas has written a book which challenges, shocks, and enthrals.”

The Nerdy Narrative says:

“This book is written in 3 parts, where you can choose to read either part 1 OR part 2 first… Part 3 is so clever in how it sort of broke the 4th wall talking about the first 2 parts and you learn why it’s written that way – which really gives this book an interactive feel to it and added to the charm of the reading experience.”

For SF Book, Sam Tyler calls it:

“A unique recipe of messed up” and says: “Dundas is not finished with the interesting twists on narrative as the reader starts to realise that what they have already read may not be all that it seems. This was a very clever way of manipulating the story and reader. It is no gimmick and directly plays into how the characters are feeling and how the book concludes both of which are highly satisfying.”


If you’d like to hear me discuss all things HellSans, join me for the Glasgow launch this evening (Thursday 13 Oct) at Waterstones Sauchiehall Street, 7pm-8pm, where I’ll be chatting to Meg Macdonald.

Or at the Edinburgh launch hosted by Lighthouse Books, where I’ll be in discussion with Tomiwa Folorunso at Binks Hall, Charteris Centre on Thursday 20 October 6.30pm – 7.30pm (or sign up to watch the livestream).

If you’d like a smashing evening of all things sci-fi, join me at Shoreline of Infinity’s appearance at Datafest, where I’ll be reading a passage from HellSans: Bayes Centre Edinburgh, Tuesday 1 November 7.30pm – 9.30pm.

It also features Miles Better, Jeda Pearl, Ruth Aylett, drama from Danielle Farrow and Angela Milton, written by Jo Ross-Barrett, and hosted Russell Jones.

There’s other events on the horizon, and I’ll be signing copies of HellSans at various bookshops across Edinburgh, so to keep up to date, follow me on Twitter and Instagram and check out my Linktree.

Stay deviant, creatures!

Ever in a dark carpark, stood just in the light wearing all black apart from a yellow faux suede biker jacket. Her black t-shirt says 'sick' across it in large yellow capitals. She has short green hair with a long fringe and is wearing yellow framed glasses and red lipstick
Ever Dundas by Cinn Curtis

One thought on “HellSans Launch

  1. Currently reading and loving its deviant celebrating and anti authority vibes. Lush visionary writing that immerses and snares you into the story.

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