Goblin News: Saltire Award Shortlist

Saltire Literary Award 2017: First Book Award Shortlist

I’m thrilled to announce Goblin has been shortlisted for the Saltire First Book Award. You can find out more about the shortlistees and categories here. The winners will be announced at event on 30th November.

Other News/Events

I’ll be appearing at Dundee Literary Festival with Helen McClory and Gillian Best on Saturday 21st at 10am – join us!

Calling all writers! Sam Boyce, my tutor from the Napier Creative Writing MA, has started a Writers’ Consultancy. You can find out about what she offers on her website. For all you lucky creatures who live in Edinburgh or nearby she has free taster workshops: Kickstart Your Novel (18th Nov) and Worldbuilding (26th Nov). I highly recommend Sam, who was a great help in getting Goblin off the ground.




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